Enqueuing scripts in Gravity Forms admin screens

Recently I’ve been working a lot with Gravity Forms and some of the add-ons available to extend Gravity Forms features.

Today I’d the opportunity to spend time debugging some odd behaviours at Gravity Forms’ form editor screen, where some of the features related with one extension in particular weren’t working properly.

Turned out those odd behaviours were caused by a missing javascript file which was supposed to be enqueued with the Form Editor screen, but in the end it wasn’t. Funny that on my local WordPress installation I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, but at the production installation it was happening consistently. Continue reading


The dream is still alive

Back in January, portuguese WordPress community submitted Lisbon city as the best place to host WordCamp Europe in 2014. Local community felt more alive than ever, several meetups happened since then, lots of tweets, posts, P2 chats about the subject…


This week, WordCamp Central announced Sofia, in Bulgaria as the place that will host the event this year, on September 27–29, 2014. No doubt it was probably the stronger candidate city (at least with a level of readiness higher than Lisbon, as far as I could understand). I hope this year’s event to be as successful as Leiden’s as the mark is very high!

Back to Lisbon, the dream is still alive…

WordPress Search Exact match

Make WordPress Search…Exact!

A common question about the WordPress search is how to make it exact, or in other words, directly from the geeSearch support forum:

if I search for a term, all kinds of words are shown which contain the term, for example if I search “round” I also get results for “background” – but I want only results with the word “round”. Is that possible in any way?

— It is possible, but… Continue reading

Dashicons WordPress

Where’s my screen icon?

WordPress 3.8 is all about the admin interface design, which is awesome! One of the improvements were the icons, served as a font – Dashicons – instead of images. The main advantage of doing it using a font, is that it can scale for retina displays and larger screens without losing quality. Neat isn’t it?! But, what happened to the old icons, served by the screen_icon() function when rendering a plugin options page at the admin? Yes, you know the answer: deprecated! So, How to set an Icon for your Plugin or Theme options page?
Continue reading


WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

Here we go again, WordPress community released a brand new version, 3.8 “Parker”. WordPress is about publishing-made-easy-for-everyone and therefore people that actually write content deserved this new version: modern, clean, responsive, refined, device & touch-friendly, typographically-rich admin interface. It’s the beginning of a new era! It’s just awesome!

It’s also a new era for me as I made my first contribution to the Portuguese WordPress community by translating a small set of labels to pt-PT. It’s so cool to contribute!

And now, off I go to test all the plugins against the new version, and update all the client’s sites!

Vimeo logo

Vimeo embedding on WordPress

WordPress supports natively lots of embeds from external services, like Vimeo or Youtube, and more recently Spotify and Rdio.

In real life, if you paste a link from a supported service onto the post content area, WordPress will do the magic of transforming that link into html to support the requested service.

But, what happens when you collect that link on a custom field?

Vimeo video link metabox

Vimeo video link custom field

WordPress core magic won’t run over a custom field, leaving to you the responsibility of transforming the link into the proper html, in this case, into the Vimeo player.

In this post I’ll cover some aspects related with Vimeo oEmbed api, WordPress oEmbed filters and I even mention Froogaloop (what?!)…

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WordCamp Porto 2013

Porto hosted the portuguese WordCamp 2013 last weekend and luckily I was there!

It’s hard to write about this WordCamp, after having attended to the inspiring WordCamp Europe in October. Though, it’s so nice to feel that the WordPress portuguese community is alive and bubbling, and this is why WordCamp Porto was a success!

The speakers and their itches

WordPress eco-system is all about itches and scratches… Continue reading

geeSearch Plus settings screenshot

Announcing the geeSearch Plus 1.3.0

As promised back in the end of September, and almost at the same time that we all learnt about the WordPress 3.7 search improvement (released this week), I am proud to announce there’s a new version of geeSearch Plus plugin (1.3.0), a geeThemes‘ plugin, which was also launched at the exact same time of WordPress 3.7.

WordPress 3.7 brings an improved search engine, something that the WordPress community was claiming for some time. WordPress core team developed a new philosophy for the search results, primarily based on relevance and not on date anymore, giving more attention for searched terms that appear on titles than on content. It also introduces a stop words mechanism, capable of being localised for the site language. Cool!

So the question is, what can a search plugin offer more than what is offered with WP 3.7.

And the answer is a lot! The living proof is geeSearch Plus 1.3.0, released for free and with more than 2.800 downloads so far. Continue reading

WordPress 3.7 behind the obvious

WordPress 3.7 “Basie” is out!

So, where should we start after upgrading? There are so many things going on with the new WordPress version that it is hard to go through everything in a post. For sure, this version is a quantum leap into the vision of making WordPress upgrades as silent as Chrome browser does. It also introduces a better meter when choosing passwords, which is awesome. And I’m not forgetting the new language packs, integrated with, for a seamless experience on distributing the right translations to the users.

But for us, wannabe-developers, there are so many tiny changes under the hood that it will take time to notice all of them.

The improved search

One of the small changes I am interested about is the new improved search mechanism. Continue reading