Cache and Options API

One of the simplest and powerful WordPress APIs is the so called Options API. It allows one to store data in the database easily, in a standardised way. One of the most used functions within this API is the get_option( $option_name ) which retrieves the value stored in DB. For one of my last projects I

Amoreira Beach near Aljezur

Customizing WordPress Dashboard

I’m taking some days off on the sunny Aljezur, a small village at the south of Portugal near great beaches. Apart from all the relax, I’m also catching up with all the twitter and feedly buzz from last weeks. One of the topics that caught my attention was a tiny survey that is going on about WordPress

get_page_uri for all types

Lately, I’ve been struggling a lot with permalinks, permastructures, hierarchy slugs, and so on, for a plugin I’m working on. During these days of core reading I’ve bumped into a function called get_page_uri(), a super simple function but still deserving a full post about it. From the Codex you’ll get: Builds and returns a URI for

Filter post content before saving

There are times when it feels nice to use the_content filter to make changes in the post content before displaying it to our visitors. But, on certain occasions a more efficient approach would be to filter the content before saving it to database, thus improving the page loading time (less operations on the frontend).

Fancy a DB error page

During the last couple of days my hosting provider had been having hiccups with the shared DB connections thus putting all my sites down for a few minutes from time to time. Apart from the support given by the hosting company (which is always fast and keen) this time they couldn’t figure out what was