Enqueuing scripts in Gravity Forms admin screens

Recently I’ve been working a lot with Gravity Forms and some of the add-ons available to extend Gravity Forms features. Today I’d the opportunity to spend time debugging some odd behaviours at Gravity Forms’ form editor screen, where some of the features related with one extension in particular weren’t working properly. Turned out those odd

WordPress Search Exact match

Make WordPress Search…Exact!

A common question about the WordPress search is how to make it exact, or in other words, directly from the geeSearch support forum: if I search for a term, all kinds of words are shown which contain the term, for example if I search “round” I also get results for “background” – but I want

Where’s my screen icon?

WordPress 3.8 is all about the admin interface design, which is awesome! One of the improvements were the icons, served as a font – Dashicons – instead of images. The main advantage of doing it using a font, is that it can scale for retina displays and larger screens without losing quality. Neat isn’t it?! But, what

WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

Here we go again, WordPress community released a brand new version, 3.8 “Parker”. WordPress is about publishing-made-easy-for-everyone and therefore people that actually write content deserved this new version: modern, clean, responsive, refined, device & touch-friendly, typographically-rich admin interface. It’s the beginning of a new era! It’s just awesome! It’s also a new era for me as