GravityView My Pal Floaty Video

GravityView: “My Pal Floaty” video and song!

6 months ago, Zack Katz launched the GravityView plugin, the best way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website, and it has been a huge success! And to start a new year with pure happiness, Zack hired @songadaymann, Jonathan Mann, to create a new video to promote the plugin…and I heard it is unforgettable!


GravityView, the best way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website, is a brand new Premium WordPress plugin, available since today. You could play with its demo or just buy it! And if your are in the affiliates mood, there’s also room for you! (note, none of the links in this blog have affiliated codes.)

geeSearch Plus settings screenshot

Announcing the geeSearch Plus 1.3.0

As promised back in the end of September, and almost at the same time that we all learnt about the WordPress 3.7 search improvement (released this week), I am proud to announce there’s a new version of geeSearch Plus plugin (1.3.0), a geeThemes‘ plugin, which was also launched at the exact same time of WordPress

geeSearch Plus, improved WordPress Search

Early this week we launched a new version of geeSearch Plus (former gSearch Plus) plugin. The main driver for version 1.2.0 was to prepare it to become something bigger (what?! more on this later). So, it wasn’t only another bug-correction-revision. Shortly, it was about naming and a new search relevance engine. A g that becomes

Introducing gSearch Plus

Last couple of days I’ve been reviewing the gSearch Plus WordPress plugin code based on some support issues raised by the community and I thought it would be interesting to write a post about this plugin. Last year, when trying to find a suitable search plugin to a client’s website I struggled a lot. Again