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Enqueuing scripts in Gravity Forms admin screens

Recently I’ve been working a lot with Gravity Forms and some of the add-ons available to extend Gravity Forms features. Today I’d the opportunity to spend time debugging some odd behaviours at Gravity Forms’ form editor screen, where some of the features related with one extension in particular weren’t working properly. Turned out those odd

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Vimeo embedding on WordPress

WordPress supports natively lots of embeds from external services, like Vimeo or Youtube, and more recently Spotify and Rdio. In real life, if you paste a link from a supported service onto the post content area, WordPress will do the magic of transforming that link into html to support the requested service. But, what happens when

WordPress 3.7 behind the obvious

WordPress 3.7 “Basie” is out! So, where should we start after upgrading? There are so many things going on with the new WordPress version that it is hard to go through everything in a post. For sure, this version is a quantum leap into the vision of making WordPress upgrades as silent as Chrome browser

Filter post content before saving

There are times when it feels nice to use the_content filter to make changes in the post content before displaying it to our visitors. But, on certain occasions a more efficient approach would be to filter the content before saving it to database, thus improving the page loading time (less operations on the frontend).